Aesthetic Surgery After Obesity Surgery


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Aesthetic Surgery After Obesity Surgery

Aesthetic Surgery After Obesity Surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy is most common and effective method among gastric procedures. This surgical procedure includes removal 80% of the stomach. Exessive weight loss after obesity surgery may cause sagging skin of face, neck, breasts, arms, legs, abdomen or buttocks. Aesthetic surgery helps us recover this affects of obesity surgery.

How Long Should Patient Wait for the Asthetic Surgery After Obesity Surgery?

We recommend waiting at least one year when optimum weight reached after weight loss surgery. If patient gains weight after surgery, aesthetic surgeries are not recommended. The reason we wait for one year after surgery is to make sure the patient reaches a stable weight.

Which Procedures can be Applied?

  • Face & Neck Lift: Depending on scale of sagging skin, classic face-lift, neck-lift or mini face-lift procedures may be applied.
  • Breast Lift: Sagging breast can be reshaped by mastopexy. We often use implants to reshape the breasts.
  • Abdomen Lift: Abdomen lift is one of the most common aesthetic procedures after weight loss surgery. It can be combined with buttocks lift for more successful results.
  • Arm Lift: The procedure may cause permanent scratches on armpit and forearm.
  • Buttocks Remodelling: Exessive weight loss may cause losing volume on buttocks. The procedure helps us gain the ideal shape of the buttocks.

These surgical procedures can be combined depending on the levels of sagging skin on different areas.